• Only 20 minutes to ensure Safe Water. Anytime. Anywhere.


Only 20 minutes to ensure Safe Water. Anytime. Anywhere.

Nov 28 2022

With the industrial online flow cytometer BactoSense from bNovate Technologies

BactoSense has taken microbiological water quality control to a new level. While traditional plating methods in a laboratory take several days to deliver results, the automated flow cytometer BactoSense does it on-site in only 20 minutes. This allows process optimisation and a fast reaction in case of contamination, avoiding health risks for the population. 
BactoSense is a sustainable solution with a refillable cartridge, containing all chemicals required for the microbial analyses. It is used at various stages in several industries.

BactoSense, developed by bNovate Technologies, the Swiss pioneer in cell analysis, is a completely automatedand industrial online flow cytometer used for on-site water quality monitoring. BactoSense can be installed at any point of the catchment, treatment and distribution of drinking water. It provides in 20 minutes precise and reliable measurements of bacterial count, ensuring the biostability of the water through the complete process.

Made in Switzerland, BactoSense aims to become the new standard in the water industry. Its speed complements the traditional plating methods for water quality analysis, which may take several days to deliver reliable results.

Fig.1: BactoSense for on-site water monitoring in a waterworks

Prompt information about water quality – for immediate action

Waterworks, as well as the bottled water industry, rely on BactoSense to monitor the water quality at different stages of their processes –  from the source to the end user's tap or all the way to the bottling plant.

With BactoSense, operators along the process line promptly obtain reliable and accurate data about the status of their water quality. Alarms can be set for rapid detection of bacterial contamination, enabling quick actions, such as cleaning a system, disinfection of pipes or treatment of water.

A sustainable, awarded water monitoring solution

BactoSense features a sustainable, hermetically-sealed and refillable cartridge system that contains all chemicals required for the microbial analyses, as well as the cleaning of the instrument. It is easily exchangeable and very safe to handle, avoiding any contact with chemicals and their waste. Measurements are tailored by the cartridge choice. There are different analytical parameters available – to count the total cell amount or the intact cells only.

For this solution, BactoSense was awarded with the prestigious Solar Impulse Label and belongs to the efficient solutions that change the world. 

Fig.2: The sustainable cartridge of BactoSense

Proven technology for rapid and precise online water monitoring 

BactoSense has reduced the measurement time down to only 20 minutes – and has years of proven service in the field. Users around the world can count on the bNovate technology to have an excellent track record of providing precise water quality data. Compact and with a robust design, BactoSense can be used as a mobile laboratory directly at your sampling point.

Fig.3: BactoSense flow cytometer detects bacteria in water within 20 minutes 

Would you like to get a BactoSense demo or talk to an expert? Contact bNovate and have all your questions answered!

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