• Smart Water Network Monitoring


Smart Water Network Monitoring

Dec 07 2022

Water quality is quality of life: Improving and maintaining water quality is an essential responsibility for drinking water utilities. Safe and high-quality drinking water can only be delivered if continuous monitoring of natural water sources, water treatment processes and distribution is ensured. Monitoring water quality with integrated event detection systems in realtime enables early detection of contaminants that can affect both our environment and human health.

s::can and ATi are two experienced smart water brands, working side by side since 2020 as part of the Badger Meter organisation. With their various products and solutions, the three companies offer a wide range of flow and water quality monitoring solutions.

Delivering Smart Water Solutions

The smart water, source-to-tap solutions from Badger Meter, ATi and s::can now encompass flow measurement, water quality monitoring and data analytics. Together, the brands offer a comprehensive range of solutions that are transforming the water industry and improving the management of end users' water systems. Their communication and software technologies create robust digital solutions that help users turn data into actionable insights, leading to better outcomes and modifying the way data is collected, stored and used. In particular for distribution network monitoring, s::can and ATi offer unique products: the pipe::scan and the MetriNet.

Drinking Water Quality Monitoring in the Network with the pipe::scan

The pipe::scan is a sensor system for monitoring drinking water quality in pipes under pressure. Up to 10 parameters are measured in one system: Organic parameters (TOC, DOC, UV254/UVT), turbidity, colour, chlorine, pH/redox, conductivity, temperature and pressure.

The installation is carried out on the pipe under pressure by means of Hawle pipe saddles (DN100 - DN 600). Via a “straw”, the water from the pressured pipe is pushed into the pipe::scan flow cell. A nano pump ensures that the water is pumped through the flow cell and back into the pipe without water loss.

The sensors in the pipe::scan are well known, reliable s::can sensors that have been on the market for many years. The i::scan – an optical miniature spectrophotometer with LED technology and automatic brush cleaning for the measurement of organics (TOC, DOC, UV254, UVT), turbidity and colour. The chlori::lyser – a pressure-resistant amperometric sensor for detection of free chlorine. The pH::lyser – a very robust pH sensor without a salt bridge with a polymer reference electrode. The condu::lyser – a 4-electrode conductivity sensor with an integrated temperature sensor suitable for industrial use, and a miniature pressure sensor. All these sensors require extremely low maintenance and have been used for several years in drinking water applications worldwide. A filter in the inlet ensures that no large particles penetrate into the flow cell and a ventilation valve ensures an air-free measuring environment inside the cell.

The water quality data can be sent to any central database via almost any protocol using the NEW s::can RTU, the con::line. The con::line is a supercompact, low power and versatile terminal for data acquisition, data storage and control, which can be connected directly to the pipe::scan. By integrating the latest processor technology and because of the flexible interfaces of the con::line (for connecting sensors to SCADA or any central database system), these make it ideal for remote monitoring. Thanks to the integrated modem and the low energy consumption, this data logger fulfills all requirements for the operation in decentralised installation locations with a lack of electrical power and space. For these reasons, the con::line works autonomously for a long period of time on DC/battery power. It supports 4G data communication to any cloud system through secure SFTP or SCP data transfer and stores the measurement data up to one year. A local access to the terminal is possible through WLAN interface using the Io::Tool.

The MetriNet - Multi-parameter Smart Water Quality Monitoring

The KIWA approved MetriNet leads the way in continuous, smart water quality monitoring. Its ultra-low powered, smart digital sensor technology offers a sustainable solution, delivering proactive management to safeguard water quality.

With 16 parameters to choose from (free chlorine, conductivity, pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, turbidity, combined chlorine, total chlorine, fluoride, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, conductivity, pressure and nitrite), MetriNet’s modular nature allows unique monitoring solutions for individual site requirements across utilities, food & drink, industrial, healthcare, leisure and events.

Available as a street-level telemetry bollard or a backboard solution, MetriNet’s smart sensor technology offers sustainable solutions, including zero water wastage, helping to meet environmental targets, drive down complaints and create real-time awareness of water quality throughout the network. Deploying a neural network of MetriNet’s digital smart M-Node sensors at critical locations throughout the water distribution system predicts events, loss of disinfection, taste, odour, discolouration, bursts or leaks, providing a network that measures, thinks, predicts and takes actions. Timely warnings and analysis of network anomalies then allows operational staff to react before costly failures develop.


  • Ultra-low powered, modular solution for monitoring water quality and collecting data
  • Smart M-Node complete digital sensors and transmitters housed in miniaturised bodies
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Ability to measure anywhere means closer to customer
  • Accepts up to 8 M-Node sensors
  • Bespoke build options available
  • Foresees potential issues and advises early, avoiding complaints and allows proactive decision-making

Smart Water Flow Metering

With end-to-end solutions ranging from mechanical, electronic and electromagnetic flow, to proven meter reading technologies and powerful analytics software, Badger Meter is helping public and private utilities, plus municipalities, with their water management initiatives.

The metering technologies help the customer to better monitor and understand their flow operations - from improving efficiencies to addressing equipment issues before they result in downtime, making sure that the entire operation flows smoothly.

Conclusion & Benefits

”Smart water is about safeguarding water quality, creating a successful future of smart water networks and cities“, mentioned the Badger Meter Smart Water Solutions Director, Garry Tabor. And that is exactly what Badger Meter, ATi and s::can are working for – to make the water quality measurement precise, easy, cost-effective and user-friendly. Their products and solutions have revolutionised the market and with their software technologies, paving the way for smart water network monitoring.

For more information, visit the s-can and atiuk websites.

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