• With unrivalled accuracy: the TB350 sets standards in turbidity measurement


With unrivalled accuracy: the TB350 sets standards in turbidity measurement

Mar 07 2023

Unprecedented earthquake disasters, climate change with droughts and floods, environmental disasters, wars, global energy crises: Drinking water has never been more valuable. Turbidity measurement is the most important parameter in quality control to ensure safe and healthy drinking water. The new TB350 turbidity meter from Lovibond® sets new standards with its unrivalled accuracy and innovative BLAC® 90° sensor technology. This mobile, laboratory-grade instrument also offers numerous solutions for field and environmental studies and wastewater treatment. It offers lab accuracy as portable solution.

Water with low turbidity below 20 NTU may be aesthetically pleasing, but it can still be a health concern because pathogens can hide even in small particles – not visible for the human eye. As an indicator and sum parameter, turbidity data correlate strongly with the water composition, so that all types of suspended matter such as sediments, minerals or microorganisms can be detected. Turbidity can indicate the presence of pathogenic microorganisms and be an effective indicator of hazardous events throughout the water supply system, from catchment to point of use. It is a helpful parameter to improve drinking water treatment plants as well as disinfection times. National authorities therefore have a legitimate interest in monitoring turbidity with state-of-the-art instruments. The World Health Organization (WHO) has published guidelines for quality aspects of drinking water, recommending turbidity values < 1 NTU for safe drinking water.

The new TB350 offers unparalleled accuracy and precision for low and high range turbidity samples ranging from 0.01 to 4,000 NTU. This performance is achieved through solutions for fundamental turbidity measurement problems, solved by the Lovibond® experts. The patented Multipath 90° BLAC® technology stands for Backscattered Light Absorbing Cavity. It includes a sophisticated arrangement of the two detectors, which allows the analysis of low and high turbidity samples with unsurpassed accuracy over the complete measuring range. The angle of detection stays at 90° over the entire range, so this method remains purely nephelometric. This ensures consistent results at any time, regardless of the size and shape of the turbidity-causing particles. The light-absorbing trap eliminates stray light perfectly and provides extremely accurate results for low turbidity down to 0.01 NTU.

But the new turbidimeter has additional useful features. The different versions with Infrared Light and White Light are compliant with the valid regulations for turbidity measurement like ISO 7027 and US EPA. The "Fast-Settling" measurement mode facilitates the measurement of samples containing rapidly settling particles. The user enjoys an easy, full-colour touchscreen and a multi-lingual graphical interface that provides animated and guided procedures and straightforward data management. The data logging capabilities allow to record the testing location, operator’s identification, time and date along with the measurement. Stored data can be transferred to a computer via USB. The Calibration Checker verifies proper calibration.

Last but not least, Lovibond® offers further advantages: Here, everything is available from a single source for safe drinking water and turbidity analysis - up to the turbidity standards. With the T-CAL® long time stable turbidity standards for calibration and veriï¬Âcation of any turbidimeter the user eliminates preparation errors, doesn’t need to handle hazardous chemicals and gets long-life formazine based primary standards in compliance with ISO and US EPA. Lovibond® offers the whole range of turbidity standards for any manufacturer’s turbidimeter with the T-CAL® series. Ready to use, prepared in a wide variety of packaging sizes and as complete sets.

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