• The Latest Development Refrigeration Gas Detection Technology

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The Latest Development Refrigeration Gas Detection Technology

Jun 13 2023

International Gas Detectors Ltd. are excited to bring the latest development in our Ammonia sensor range to the Envirotech audience. Our unique Ammonia sensors offer a wide range of benefits to all clients and making it ideal for applications such as refrigeration. Read on below to find out more.

The Challenges for Ammonia Gas Detection

Existing electrochemical sensors are consumed by Ammonia as they are monitoring. Meaning if you have a background level in your plant room, then your sensor life will be drastically reduced. This also means, your sensor could become fully consumed and useless should a gas leak occur. In either case this leads to a detector which no longer reads Ammonia correctly, a potentially fatal danger to your plant and personnel as you will no longer have a working gas detection system.

Additionally, current electrochemical sensors on the market generally only operate in environments as low as -20°C, as well as requiring water vapour to operate. This means that long term operation in environments at the maximum of -20°C can harm the sensor, as there is little water vapour in the air at this temperature.

The only other market alternative to this is infrared technology, again coming with its own issues especially in refrigeration, as temperature compensation, condensation and icing problems all need to be accounted for with IR technology.

What are the Benefits of the New Ionic Ammonia Sensor?

Our new ionic ammonia sensor negates all of these issues, creating the ideal solution for refrigeration gas detection. This technology is non-consumptive, allowing for sensors to operate efficiently with background levels of Ammonia present or during an accidental release. Thus, extending their life massively and ensuring accurate and reliable detection throughout its life.

Furthermore, the ionic technology does not use water in its electrolyte and can operate effectively in environments as low a -40°C. Making this technology ideal for various applications in industrial refrigeration, as these are some of the harshest applications requiring ammonia gas detection.

All of these sensors are available in our 750 range of detectors and the brand new 903-X5. The 750 series of gas detectors offer safe area, ATEX and sampling gas detection across our legacy 2-Wire addressable system technology. Providing 70% cost saving upon installation, IOT capabilities and digital communication for higher reliability. Our new 903-X5 can offer addressable, analogue or standalone gas detection with dual sensor technology. Allowing for single point multi gas detection on your system, ideal for areas with multiple gas hazards.

Ranges for the ionic Ammonia sensors are available up to 5000ppm and finally resolves the issues of short life spans and low maximum range of existing sensors on the market.

Want to learn more about our industry first Ionic Ammonia sensors? Or how our addressable gas detection systems can provide enhanced coverage and reduced costs? Get in touch today.

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