• New Innovations at OTT HydroMet


New Innovations at OTT HydroMet

Jun 13 2023

OTT HydroMet has launched two monitoring solutions for groundwater and surface water applications; the OTT PLS 500, smart pressure level sensor, and a new variant of the OTT ecoLog 1000, an all-in-one level logger and telemetry solution, now with conductivity measurement capabilities.

Ensure Data Quality Remotely

The PLS 500 combines robust reliability and accuracy with the advantages of smart sensor technology. Building on experience, the redesigned PLS 500 retains key elements of the trusted and reliable OTT PLS, while enhancing the sensor to be user-friendly.

The PLS 500 is a vented water level and temperature sensor with a stainless-steel body and a robust ceramic pressure cell for improved accuracy and reliability. As a smart sensor, it includes built-in QA/QC and metadata to verify sensor performance and validate data – a sensor ideal for extended deployment in remote locations.

“This new technology is about long-term accuracy and reliability,” explains Greg Koch, Global Product Manager, OTT HydroMet. “The PLS 500 is fitted with a humidity sensor and an inclinometer to provide insight to mitigate condensation in the vented line and sensor movement or misalignment. The result is a smart sensor that continually checks itself to ensure that measurements are being taken correctly, with the ability to raise alarms if necessary.”

A feature of the PLS 500 is the new capability to conduct data processing to improve the efficiency of data reporting and eliminate manual post-processing/analysis. The probe can automatically undertake internal calculations such as averages, minima/maxima, and discharge calculations from either a user-defined rating table or an ISO 1100-2 exponential formula set-up via SDI-12 commands.

Gain Insight into Your Water Quality

The latest product innovation is the conductivity measurement capabilities for the ecoLog 1000. The all-in-one instrument with a water level sensor, logger, and cellular modem built in is now equipped with a rugged and accurate, 4-electrode conductivity measuring cell allowing water level measurement, temperature, and conductivity.

The ability to continuously measure conductivity gives insight into how varying environmental factors influence water quality at monitoring sites. Water conductivity data can be used to identify the presence of dissolved minerals or ions, such as salt, in a system. With this knowledge, users can determine the potential uses of their water for drinking, irrigation, and monitor overall aquifer health.

The instrument can be operated using a smart phone, tablet, or PC through LinkComm software via integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for local communication. LinkComm enables intuitive device set-up and configuration changes in the field and a step-by-step interface for calibrating the optional conductivity cell. The integrated cellular modem supports near real-time data visibility and remote station configuration changes to avoid unnecessary trips to measurement sites.

“The new capability of the OTT ecoLog 1000 to measure conductivity opens a world of possibility for users looking to remotely monitor basic water quality parameters. The compact design of the instrument with an integrated cell modem makes installation quick and maintenance minimal,” said Koch.

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