• New and robust miniature pressure controllers enhance analytical instrumentation efficiency

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New and robust miniature pressure controllers enhance analytical instrumentation efficiency

Jun 14 2023

In the fast-paced world of analytical labs, manufacturers are constantly seeking innovative solutions that provide optimal space efficiency without compromising performance. Addressing this need, Bronkhorst offers their IQ+FLOW series of miniature mass flow and pressure meters and controllers. Leveraging cutting-edge chip sensors and mini-valves, these robust devices are extremely compact, with a footprint of 20 x 40 mm. These instruments are ideal tools for desktop equipment manufacturers, enabling them to further optimise space utilisation.

Bronkhorst’s recently extended IQ+FLOW product line incorporates pressure instruments featuring media-isolated pressure sensors. By protecting the sensor chip with a stainless-steel diaphragm and oil-filled compartment, these new instruments offer improved durability and reliability. Furthermore, the updated design allows for the handling of a significantly wider range of media, including delicate gases like hydrogen and helium. With this expansion, Bronkhorst empowers equipment manufacturers to push the boundaries of their analytical capabilities.

Acknowledging the stringent demands of the analytical lab sector, Bronkhorst has ensured that the IQ+FLOW instruments exhibit low-outgassing characteristics and feature clean-wetted parts. These qualities are crucial in maintaining the purity and integrity of the samples being analysed. By prioritising these essential criteria, Bronkhorst have ensured that the instruments meet the high standards expected within the industry.

The IQ+FLOW series is available in three distinct configurations, catering to diverse integration requirements. Manufacturers can opt for single-channel versions, which can be seamlessly integrated either inline or mounted on the top of the equipment. For more complex setups, multi-channel versions offer extra flexibility. Customers also have the option to specify the configuration of compact 2- or 3-channel instruments, allowing them to accurately measure or control mass flow and/or upstream and downstream pressures within their systems. This versatility ensures that the IQ+FLOW series can adapt to a wide range of applications, empowering equipment manufacturers with further customisation potential.

Bronkhorst's IQ+FLOW series of miniature mass flow and pressure controllers leverage chip sensors and mini-valves, these instruments achieve an unsurpassed level of compactness, considerably improving use of space in the desktop equipment market. The addition of media-isolated pressure sensors further extends the capabilities of the IQ+FLOW line, enabling the handling of a wider variety of media. With their low-outgassing properties and clean-wetted parts, these instruments meet the rigorous requirements of the analytical lab sector. Whether it is the single-channel versions or the multi-channel configurations, the IQ+FLOW series offers excellent versatility, allowing manufacturers to tailor their equipment precisely to their specific needs. 

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