• The wastewater values under control with COD system solutions from a single source


The wastewater values under control with COD system solutions from a single source

Jun 13 2023

COD are three letters that have great significance in water analysis. They stand for the chemical oxygen demand. It is more than just a theoretical value and a sum parameter, but a reference value for safe water, especially where wastewater is involved. Regardless of whether it is a sewage treatment plant or an industry discharging wastewater: the COD limit values are precisely prescribed to protect drinking water in particular. For this purpose, the suitable measuring equipment is indispensable.

There are countless organic and inorganic substances that deprive water of oxygen. Nitrite, sulphur or benzene compounds or even fecal matter are included. If oxygen is missing, microorganisms can no longer do their work and break down pollutants. This is particularly important for controlling biological degradation processes in sewage treatment plants. But operators of small wastewater treatment plants must also keep an eye on the COD value. Regular measurements are particularly important where water leaves a wastewater treatment plant or the wastewater discharging industry. If the COD value is out of balance here, rivers and lakes can collapse or even the drinking water can be affected.

Lovibond® has its own product portfolio for COD measurement, which includes offerings for all needs. Above all, everything comes from a single source - from the measuring device to the reliable COD reagent. The wastewater setups are fully equipped laboratories with the MD600 or MD610 photometer, the RD125 thermoreactor for digesting the COD samples and the appropriate reagents. In addition, other parameters can be put to the test with the reagents and accessories supplied.

COD tube tests from Lovibond® cover all measuring ranges: The relevant tube tests are available for all measurements:

  • VLR 2.0-60.0 mg/L O2
  • LR 3-150 mg/L O2
  • LMR 15-300 mg/L O2
  • MR 20-1500 mg/L O2
  • HR 200-15000 mg/L O2

Using the barcodes, Lovibond® instruments can automatically start the associated measuring method. This is backed up by standardised procedures and reliable results, as proven by interlaboratory tests. 10 times less toxic waste is caused than with the standard laboratory method.

Anyone who specifically requires COD measuring setups is guaranteed to find the right solution in Lovibond®'s portfolio. Whether with the MD100, the MD110 with Bluetooth®, the MD 200, the MD600 or the MD610 with Bluetooth®: all photometers guarantee precise water analysis with the minimum of effort. The set includes the COD test reagents and the RD125 thermoreactor for sample digestion. The COD photometers are of course also available separately.

The Lovibond® range is supplemented with the appropriate standard solutions in different sizes. Standard solutions contain defined concentration and are provided to check the operation methods and instruments of the cuvette tests as well as the condition of optical filters and the instrument.

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